With mass shootings at an all-time high – who feels safe anymore? Parents worry about their kids at school, teachers are concerned for their safety, people at work are on the edge, and you can’t even go shopping without the risk of a mad-man going on a shooting rampage.  With most places being a weapon free zone, it leaves you extremely vulnerable to defend yourself against an armed attacker.

 The average citizen people must be proactive and creative in finding ways to protect themselves from harm. That’s why our bulletproof collection was created to help you regain a peace of mind in the event of a domestic terrorist, yet be easily integrated into your daily life, carried with you at all times.

* Check this collection daily for new items as it is currently being updated *

NOTE: Connecticut residents require a face-to-face transaction when buying (unless the buyer is a police officer, a police department, or member of the military). If you are a civilian, we will ship your product to a local dealer (if available) in Connecticut where you can pick it up.

CIVILIANS: Please research your local laws prior to purchase. The State law information provided on this website should not be considered legal advice. The purchaser assumes all responsibility and liability for the use, actions, misuse, or any activity of the items purchased. By purchasing you attest that you are at least 18 years of age and are not a convicted felon.